fredag den 20. februar 2015

Head and neck building

For the head I use the same hobby clay as I used on the body. It was important to make a hole at the bottom for the neck to join. The same problem occurred with sticking the skin clay together with the hobby clay. It kept falling off. Here I also tried adding some tinfoil between the layers. It helped but I would not recommend it as it became a problem later. The skin clay is called sculpy and when the head was sculpted I baked it. The problem I mentioned before was that when the clay got harden and after animating with it the clay lost contact with tinfoil. Sadly, I first found out about this problem when I made the second head as the first head broke. I'll show and write more about fixes on head and hands in another post.        

When the head was done I moved on to the neck. The method both armature and materials I used do not hold up very well so I won't describe too much of it. I don't recommend it. However, I used the same mold clay as with the hands and added very little acrylic colour to mix in and backed it in the oven. At the end I decided to hide the neck with fabric. 

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