fredag den 20. februar 2015

Building my own armature

Alright my armature finally arrived and I the assembling would begin.

First of all, I looked at some reference picture from various books and webpages. Read about how others had assembled theirs and what mistakes they did. However, it was a bit of a jungle to figure out what was the best way to do it, because it's just a matter of experimenting.


When I had done some research I started sketching the character I wanted to create. I wanted to make it fairly simple, especially with the clothing. This is what I came up with (see below). I call her Annabelle. Quite the trouble maker. 
On the drawing I wrote which materials I wanted to use at that time, however some of the materials got replaced after a few tests. 

 Next step: Metal armature assembly.

I got my armature from an online shop called animation supplies. It arrived in a small box and in small plastic bags. I more or less had everything I needed to assemble it, just had to find a saw. With the armature there where this green glue called Threadlock (in another post I'll show the different materials I used). It glues the components together.



I was not completely happy with the armature as it had some funny joints. One joint consisted of two joint = 2'n'1. The shoulder area worked fine but the arms, chest, hips and knees where weird. If you look at the picture and the arm you can see that it can be bent two places, which is not very practical or correct. I'm not sure why its made like that, but I would not recommend this armature.

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