fredag den 20. februar 2015

Green screen room

As a part of my time at Open Workshop I borrowed their green screen room to make all of my animations. I also lent a table and patched it up before animating. To fill the holes I used some cast like material. When it was dry I polished the surface with sandpaper and repeated the process three times. Finally I painted it with white colour to times.


When the table was ready I needed to get familiar with the whole tiedown system. Drill a hole and stick up the metal tiedown into the hole and tie it together with the hole in the armature foot. Fairly easy right? No. Make sure you have two of the one I show in the picture. I only had one and had to one another one with out the curve at the end which was really difficult to work with.   



As one of my animation assignments I wanted to make a jump, but while I was building her I realised the armature did not have a rig system to make it 'fly'. I tried a solution, but it did not work at all so instead I together with my sweet parents build a bigger rig with fish wire and wood. It almost became a marionette puppet. It was a bit tricky to handle but it worked and I was really happy with the result. 

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