fredag den 20. februar 2015

Fixing hands, hair and head

For the hands I made 3 different ones. The second par where made the same way as the first ones, mainly because I did not know which other method I should use, and I did not feel sure using the silicone method. It also takes a long time to make, but it's probably the best way to go. For the new hands I added some acrylic paint to the clay. Trying to match the skin tone of her face. It's not easy to find the same colour because when you bake it, it becomes much darker and more towards one of the mixed colours. For example, I had yellow, red and blue in the mix and when I baked it, it became much more yellow than the actual colour I mixed. For this process you need a lot of patience, or like me: "I don't care, it's just hands and I'm not a professional" :) However after a couple of weeks they got too dry and began to crack. 

The last pair of hands I made, I used Latex milk. I forgot to take pictures of the process only one, because I was too annoyed with Annabelle at that time. However, I'll try to explain it to those who finds this interesting. The armature hand was made the same way as before, but this time I finally got hold of some Milliput and added it around the places I wanted to be more solid. However, I do not recommend adding the Milliput on the fingertips for this method with Latex milk, the milliput will break off. When The milliput had dried I dipped the hands into a bowl of Latex milk and dried them with a hair dryer. This I did over and over again till I was happy with the volume of the hands. When they are done you add some cornflour to them and carefully brush it off. It will make them less sticky. I did try to add some acrylic paint to the latex, but that was a bad idea, it made these small clumps of paint and I mainly did it because the latex is see-through so I thought by adding colour it would make the colour thicker. Which it did not. However, I really liked the result because it did not become dry and they where a bit easier to work with.     

Everything is not easy and especially when you don't know anything. When I made the hair for the head I decided to use same technique as with the hands. I used the mold sculpy, added some colour to make it brown, but if you add too much colour it becomes too dry after backing. Even before baking the consistency becomes a bit dry and falls apart. This is the result:   

I used acrylic paint to mix with the sculpy which makes it dry, so instead I got some help and he mixed some food colour into it and the scuply kept its moist. However, after animating with if for a month it becomes a bit dry, but with the other hair it only lasted a weekend.   

To create the hair I used a solid backed mold made from sculpy, which I got help with. It would help me shape the braid I wanted as it was too difficult to braid it. 


Final result of hair and new head. For the new head I used the exact same method as the first head. This is the head I used for all of my animations and later on I found out that the tinfoil method did not work as expected. 

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